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Woodchipper bass octave fuzz files

Woodchipper bass octave fuzz files


This item provides a digital download of a ZIP file with all the documentation needed to build the Woodchipper.


The WOODCHIPPER bass octave fuzz is derived from the classic Maestro Brassmaster circuit. In order to fit it all in a compact package, we sourced an expensive, military-spec audio transformer that delivers the same frequency response in a much smaller package. Next, we added a more flexible EQ section, and a unique BOTTOM control that adds clean low-bass that adds punch and fatness to the octave fuzz.


These files are for personal use only. If you want to build & sell the Woodchipper as a commercial product, you can become an authorized VFE builder.


I recommend that you create an account in order to easily re-download these design files later, especially when I update them.

  • Included Files

    Here is a full list of included files:

    README - Outlines the basic organization of the files within the ZIP file. It also contains links to multiple YouTube videos that will help you build the pedal and understand how it works, plus information about the various versions of the pedal.

    SCHEMATICS - Contains schematics of every version of the circuit, categorized by series (SPS, Standard, Live).

    EAGLE FILES - Contains all the Eagle files from the different versions of the pedal. Earlier versions may be a bit messy to work with, but are included to help with repair or mod work on discontinued versions of the pedal.

    GERBER FILES - These ZIP files contain everything you need to get the latest version of the PCBs fabricated. The files have been optimized for the Gerber extensions used by PCBway, so they may not work at all fabrication shops unless you change the extensions on each file.

    ASSEMBLY FILES - Contains the assembly sheets with a master parts spreadsheet for  most recent version of the pedal. When available, I've added assembly sheets for earlier versions, too.

    TEMPLATES - Contains templates for the drill holes. Free templates for the graphics can be found at

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