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The Motherload - All VFE Design Files

The Motherload - All VFE Design Files


This item provides a digital download of a ZIP file with all the documentation needed to build every VFE Pedal design...both those available now and in the future. Purchasing this covers my website hosting, ecommerce, and cloud storage fees for one month - letting me keep this resource available both now and for many years to come.


The only exclusions are design files that were collaborative projects, as I typically don't have the rights to sell/distribute the design files for these pedals (ex: Ice Scream).


These files are for personal use only. If you want to build & sell any of these pedal designs as a commercial product, you can become an authorized VFE builder.

The download link automatically expires after 30 days, and I have no option through Wix to change that. If you need to download the files after the first 30 days, please email Peter with your order number to request a new download link.

  • Included Files


    - Alpha Dog vintage distortion
    - Blueprint analog-voiced delay
    - Blues King low-gain overdrive
    - Bumblebee comp/swell
    - Choral Reef analog chorus
    - Dark Horse hard-edge distortion
    - Distortion3 boost/OD/dist
    - Dragon dynamic overdrive
    - Dragon Hound parallel OD/dist
    - Fiery Red Horse fuzzstortion
    - Fuzz Duo germanium-silicon fuzz
    - Merman transparent overdrive
    - Mini Mu autowah
    - Mobius Strip dual delay
    - Old School vintage tremolo
    - Pale Horse dynamic overdrive
    - Pinball tilt EQ
    - Rocket EQ 3-band EQ with fully parametric mids
    - The Scream classic overdrive
    - Springboard reverb
    - Standout / Focus mid booster
    - Tractor Beam analog phaser
    - The Triplet comp/octave/dist
    - Triumvirate multiband distortion
    - White Horse optical compressor
    - Woodchipper bass octave fuzz
    - Yodeler delay + reverb

    - Klein Bottle multiband mixer/looper


    - Fuzz Cocktail octave fuzz
    - Homing Missile super mid booster
    - Harmonic Tremolo
    - Tilt/Bump mode switch for Pinball EQ
    - Compact Eurorack VCO
    - Eurorack compatible educational circuits for my classroom

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