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RunOffGroove Design Files

RunOffGroove Design Files

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This item provides a digital download of a ZIP file with all the documentation needed to build many pedal designs by RunOffGroove.


Many years ago I was an authorized RunOffGroove builder. I even made them part of the online custom shop. I made very few of each design, but you can have my design files for free!


These files are for personal use only.

  • Included Files

    Here is a full list of included files:

    README - Outlines the basic organization of the files within the ZIP file. It also contains links to multiple YouTube videos that will help you build these pedals.

    EAGLE FILES - Contains all the Eagle files from the different RoG designs I adapted. It has been many years since I built these pedals, so I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in these board designs.

    TRUESOFT - These contain all the files for the TrueSoft bypass switching system. None of the RoG designs use a charge pump, so the TC7662B and 47uF capacitors on this board can be omitted.

    DRILLING - Contains templates for the drill holes. Free templates for the graphics can be found at

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