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.hex code for VFE switching MCU

.hex code for VFE switching MCU


FREE FOR COMMERICAL USE! If you sell this pre-programmed IC on your website, please contact Peter so he can include that in DIY documentation.

Download the ZIP file that contains the .hex code file for VFE's switching controller. The part number this code was made for is 12F509. It is compatible with BOTH latching & non-latching relays, has a 3ms delay between pin 7 and the latching relay pins to make TrueSoft switching with the J175 JFET transistor as quiet as possible.


It also has DualMode operation, where it can be switched in momentary operation (press & hold = on, release = off). To switch in or out of momentary mode, wait 3 or more seconds, then tap + tap + hold (3 seconds). The light will flicker to let you know that you have changed modes.


Pin 5 (HI) goes to +5V when the effect is on and 0V when the effect is off. Pin 7 (LO) goes to 0V when the effect is on and +5V when the effect is off. The schematic shows how you connect the IC to a latching relay, such as the Panasonic TQ2-L-5V.


Remember to use this Checksum when submitting the code at MicroChipDirect: 0x672d (just use "672d" if it only asks for 4 digits).


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