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Custom VFE Pedal ($199 tier)

Custom VFE Pedal ($199 tier)




Until May 31, you can order a custom VFE Pedal from my summer production schedule. Pedals will ship between June & July, depending on your place in the build queue and which pedal(s) you order. I will update you via email on my build progress starting in early June.


At the $199 price tier, you have the choice of 10 effects, 7 paint colors, 3 knob colors, 8 LED colors, and 3 footswitch styles. At the $229 price tier, you have many more options to choose from, including a few different graphic styles and LED colors.

Paint Color
Knob Color

    Here is the list of 10 available effects at the $199 price tier. These designs have been updated since the last version, but the core tones and available sounds are very similar to those seen in older demos.


    - Alpha Dog vintage distortion - demo videos

    - Blues King low-gain drive - demo videos

    - Dragon dynamic overdrive - demo videos

    - Dragon Hound parallel OD/dist - demo videos

    - Merman transparent overdrive - demo videos

    - Old School vintage tremolo - demo videos

    - Pinball/Standout v3 (combines both pedals into one) - demo video

    - Rocket EQ 3-band EQ with fully parametric mid band - demo videos

    - Tractor Beam analog phaser - demo videos

    - White Horse optical compressor - demo videos

  • Footswitch Types

    Carling 110-PM-OFF (3rd image) - This is the footswitch I've been using on VFE Pedals since the end of 2012. It has a firmer action with a distinctive "thud" (not click) when pressed down.


    Carling P-H551 (4th image) - This is an industrial-grade, spring-style footswitch. Its action is a little lighter than the 110-PM-OFF, but it's a big boy on the inside and includes screw terminals (making replacement easier).


    Black Soft Touch (5th image) - This is a light-action, spring-style footswitch with an all-black finish (ignore the white washer in the image, that won't be used).

  • Paint Color Information

    All colors are translucent, which allows the textured finish of the aluminum enclosure to show through. The graphic will be black on Translucent Gold, and typically white on all other colors.

    Candy Red - as seen in the Pinball/Standout v3 image (pinball graphic).

    Copper - as seen in the Alpha Dog image (howling wolf graphic)

    Transparent Gold - as seen in the Merman image (trident graphic)

    Transparent Green - as seen in the White Horse image (horse graphic)

    Candy Teal - as seen in the Choral Reef image (coral graphic)

    Denim - as seen in the Dragon image (dragon graphic)

    Candy Blue - as seen in the Blues King image (crown graphic)

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