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Where to Buy

Licensed VFE Manufacturers

If you prefer purchasing a fully assembled pedal rather than building it yourself, the manufacturers below have been authorized to build one or more VFE Pedals. Please note that VFE cannot provide a warranty or repair service on pedals manufactured by 3rd parties, so please check the return & warranty policies from the manufacturer before purchasing.

On rare occasions fully assembled pedals may be available on our Reverb store or website.

Interested in becoming an authorized VFE builder? See licensing options here.

COMING SOON - Authorized VFE builders

If you do have a bad experience with one of our authorized builders, please contact me. While I cannot warranty or repair pedals built by 3rd parties, I will revoke a commercial license if a builder has a track record of building poor quality pedals, providing unreliable customer service, or making false claims.

Peter Rutter

VFE Pedals

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