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Footswitch for Custom Pedal

Footswitch for Custom Pedal


This listing is for the type of footswitch used in your custom VFE Pedal. NOT AVAILABLE AS A SEPARATE PURCHASE.


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  • Footswitch Types

    Carling 110-PM-OFF (1st image) - This is the footswitch I've been using on VFE Pedals since the end of 2012. It has a firmer action with a distinctive "thud" (not click) when pressed down.

    Carling P-H551 (2nd image) - This is an industrial-grade, spring-style footswitch. Its action is a little lighter than the 110-PM-OFF, but it's a big boy on the inside and includes screw terminals (making replacement easier).

    Black Soft Touch (3rd image) - This is a light-action, spring-style footswitch with an all-black finish (ignore the white washer in the image, that won't be used).

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