TrueSoft  Bypass

Low Noise Op Amp

Extended Headroom

PRP Audio Resistors

We combine durable true bypass relay switching with an effect-side FET switch for pure and smooth switching.

The Focus uses 3 high fidelity, low noise OPA2134 op amps for uncompromised transparency and clarity.

A simple voltage inverter circuit was used to effectively turn 9V into 18V. More voltage means more headroom & bigger tone.

We used low noise, low inductance resistors made for audio circuits by Precision Resistive Products in the USA.


Our circuit boards are made in the USA by Advanced Circuits (large PCB runs) or OSH Park (small PCB runs).

DualMode Switching

DualMode Switching can convert the footswitch into momentary operation.

To use, wait 5 seconds, then press the sequence tap+tap+hold until LED flashes.

All VFE Pedals are built with these quality components and features:


- Rugged diecast aluminum enclosures

- TrueSoft + DualMode true bypass switching

- Industrial-grade Carling switches & Neutrik audio jacks

- Alpha pots soldered directly to PCB

- 5% WIMA film capacitors & 1% metal film resistors

- Cardas Audio ultra-pure, eutectic silver solder

- P3 system phantom-power compatible

- Built by hand in Puyallup, WA, USA

- 1 year warranty on parts & labor

"My idea for the Focus came from many years of using various overdrive pedals to boost the front end of high-gain amps, taking advantage of the natural high- and low-end filtering those pedals have, which results in the unmistakably tightened and smoothed sound heard from countless rock and metal players both live and on recording. Pretty soon I realised that using this common overdrive EQ and combining it with a clean boost could accomplish the same result without the unnecessary clipping stage of an overdrive pedal. By making the filters adjustable, the player could completely fine tune the response of their guitar and amplifier without being stuck with the fixed filters of their usual boost pedal. I approached Peter at VFE and he understood what I was after straight away - the Focus was born very soon afterwards."

-- Adam "Nolly" Getgood, Periphery --